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portfolio chosen work from 2007-2012

This work is about art fairy tales written by 9 several authors, which are based on the content of dreams and reality. The protagonist is walking between these lines and is experiencing a lot of surrealistic situations. The book is structured into three Chapters according to the kind of each fairy tail. The reader himself is confronted with illusions by not only reading the stories but also the usage of it.

BOOK DESIGN ......... Traum und Wirklichkeit


This corporate design was developed during her studies for a project called „So Klingt Berlin“. A project which supports the young musicians of all kinds of music in berlin. The concept is to visualize the different styles of music in his individual appereance. But they all cross in the last bandcontest of the project.

This corporate design is for a young music label in berlin, who are also organizing open airs in Berlin.It is focused on electronic music. Electronic music consist of different abstract patterns of tones. She put the geometry of tunes into the context of landscapes to show the contrast between the emotions which evolve when you listen to the artificial tunes.



EDITORIAL DESIGN . Trendscout Magazine


„Trendcout“ is a magazine for creative people. Its about design and livestyle in the big citys. In this edition with a special view of berlin. The modern life is shown by an innovative handling of typography. This magazine was created during the studies at the university and all the content and articles are works done by andrea herrmann in this time.


This poster was developed in a freelance
teamwork for the Berlinale 2010.

CORPORATE DESIGN flat - music label berlin


These two posters are for recruiting
new interns
for DDB Berlin.


POSTERS free work





personal work

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